10 Things To-Do during Quarantine

10 Things To-Do during Quarantine

The lockdown continues to extend and I’m sure you are running out of things to do during the quarantine. Here’s a list to keep you engaged and make your day productive.

1. Physical exercise

I cannot emphasize enough about how essential it is to start your day with some exercise, workout regime, yoga or meditation. Physical activity is known to improve your muscle strength, boost endurance and your overall health and quality of life. I have gained 16 kgs since lockdown began and it’s time to shed some weight and I've chosen cycling as the way to do it.

2. Read a book

Reading is important because it helps you grow emotionally, mentally and psychologically. So get back into your reading habit because it’s never too late to pick up a book that’s been lying around for so long.


3. Learn an instrument

With abundant YouTube tutorials available, it’s easy to learn the following instruments online:-

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June 27, 2020
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